Corona New Guideline and Night Curfew

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Govt. of Gujarat Reviewing the current situation of Corona in the state, from Order No.: V1 / KAV / 102020/482 dated 07/01/2022, a total of 8 metropolitan cities of the state and Anand and Nadiad cities were found to have night curfew and restrictions in 10 cities, as well as some restrictions in the entire state. Subsequently, some changes, have been made in it by the order of Home Department dated 11/01/2002 and the period of restrictions and night curfew has been extended till 22/01/2022.

As per the order of the Central Ministry of Home Affairs dated 27/12/2021, the instructions given by the Central Ministry of Health and Family Welfare dated 11/12/2021 to the states to stop the spread of Corona have to be implemented by the State Government.

After mature consideration in this matter, it has been decided to implement the following restrictions in the State by 22/01/2022, From 06:00 am to 29/01/2022 till 06:00 am.

Night Curfew

Ahmedabad city, Vadodra city, Surat city, Rajkot city, Bhavnagar city, Jamnagar city, Junagadh city, Gandhinagar city, Anand, Nadiad, Surendranagar, Dhrangadhra, Morbi, Wankaner, Godhara, Vijalpor(dits. Navsari), Navsari, Dhoraji, Vyara, Vapi, Valsad, Bharuch, Ankleshvar, Kalol(dist. Gandhinagar), Gondal, Jetpur(dist. Rajkot), Kalavad(dist. Jamnagar).

Night curfew will be in force from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am every day in the above metros and cities.

Shops, commercial establishments, lorries, shopping complexes, marketing yards, weekly gujri / bazaar hats, hair cutting salons, spas, and beauty parlors, as well as other commercial activities in the above metros, cities can be continued till 10:00 pm.

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તારીખ 21/1/2022 ની નવી કોરોના ની ગાઈડ લાઈન જાહેર

The hotel/restaurant can be maintained till 10:00 pm with 75% of the seating capacity. Home delivery services from hotels/restaurants can be continued 24X7.


wedding occasion

The wedding can be attended by up to 150 persons in the open, but in closed venues, 50% of the capacity of the space (up to a maximum of 150 persons). For the wedding occasion, registration has to be done on Digital Gujarat Portal.

Funeral / burial allowed a maximum of 100 persons

Cinema halls, gyms, water parks, and swimming pools, libraries, auditoriums, assembly halls, recreational areas can be maintained with a maximum of 50% of capacity.

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