Gujarat Budget Year-2022-23

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Gujarat Budget Year-2022-23

Budget 2022

Inclusive, all-encompassing, all-encompassing, enhancing the well-being of all sections of society

Gujarat Budget 2022-23

The size of the budget is Rs.2,43,965 crore GSDP is expected to grow at 13% double-digit

From self-reliant Gujarat, the concept of self-reliant India will come true

Under Kisan Sanman Nidhi Yojana, a scheme has been implemented to provide assistance of Rs.6000 per annum to each farmer account holder.

 Rs.  6,800 crore subsidy is given

Union Government Budget App makes Government of India budget documents available to Members of the Parliament (MPs) and the general public alike, at one place. The App would facilitate viewing of Union Budget documents, including constitutionally prescribed Annual Financial Statement (AFS), Demands for Grants (DG), Financial Bill etc., in digital mode and eco-friendly manner. This initiative is aimed at providing Union Budget information to various stakeholders including the general public at the click of a button

The government of Gujarat committed to agricultural welfare

81 Crore for Farmer Accountant Accident Insurance Scheme

20 Crore for Solar Fencing Assistance to Protect Crops from Wildlife

10 Crore for assist in the use of locally produced agricultural implements Sanedo

35 Crore for reduce the cost of agricultural input using drones

A total provision of Rs.7737 crore for the Department of Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Co-operation

Rs.2310 Crores for crop agricultural management schemes

Rs.213 Crores for cow maintenance cost in indigenous cow-based agriculture

Rs.260 crores for assistance in the purchase of tractors and various car machinery

Rs.100 crores for assistance to agro-cd processing units

Natural farming will make the farmer prosperous

Gujarat Natural Agriculture Development Board has been formed

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Farmers will be connected with Prakriti Krishi Abhiyan at a cost of Rs.100 Crores

32 Crores for Chemical-Free Farming in Dang District

Schools of Excellence Project

Determined to make the future of future generations brighter

The Schools of Excellence project will be undertaken at a cost of Rs.10,000 crore in collaboration with the World Bank

Extensive development of more than 70 lakh students of the state through excellent and quality education

Provision of Rs.1188 crore for infrastructural facilities of schools as well as improvements in the education system

Grouped Mother Healthy Child Scheme

Leading initiative of the state government for building a well-nourished Gujarat

Pregnant and lactating mothers as well as children for 1000 days every month 1 kg of Tur dal, 2 kg of chickpeas, and one liter of edible oil free of cost

The Gujarat government has made a provision of Rs.4000 crore for the next five years

Healthy mother … healthy child … healthy Gujarat

The list of Budget documents presented to the Parliament include:

A. Finance Minister’s Budget Speech

B. Annual Financial Statement (AFS)

C. Demands for Grants (DG)

D. Finance Bill

E. Statements mandated under FRBM Act:

a. Macro-Economic Framework Statement

b. Medium-Term Fiscal Policy cum Fiscal Policy Strategy Statement

F. Expenditure Budget

G. Receipt Budget

H. Expenditure Profile

I. Budget at a Glance

J. Memorandum Explaining the Provisions in the Finance Bill

K. Output Outcome Monitoring Framework

L. Key Features of Budget 2022-23

M. Key to Budget Documents

Live feed of Union Budget India 2022 in real-time.

Budget 2020 session of Parliament to begin.

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India Budget 2021 to be presented on 1st February 2022.

બજેટની અગત્યની જાહેરાતો ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે

બજેટનું ટાઇમ ટેબલ તેમજ અગત્યની જાહેરાતો ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે

The India Budget 2022 is an extraordinary budget since the Rail Budget 2022 and the General Budget 2022 have been merged into a single Budget session.

બજેટ ની સંપૂર્ણ માહિતિ PDF માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

બજેટ પાર્ટ 2 PDF

The annual Budget of India for the financial year 2022 will be presented on 1st February 2022. After the speech industry experts will share their opinions on all the pros and cons of the new budget along with data points on how it could affect our daily life. The details will also be added as a reference once the finance bill is published.

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